[Server & Network General] プロセスを調べる



ps, kill


% ps ax |grep sleep
14128 s000  R+     0:00.00 grep sleep
14077 s002  S+     0:00.00 sleep 1800
% kill 14150

kill -9 とか。

pgrep, pkill

% pgrep sleep
% pgrep -l sleep
14175 sleep
% pkill sleep


Mac OS X 10.10 では入っていないようなので、brew instal します。

% brew install pstree
% pstree -h
pstree $Revision: 2.36 $ by Fred Hucht (C) 1993-2013
EMail: fred AT thp.uni-due.de
Usage: pstree [-f file] [-g n] [-u user] [-U] [-s string] [-p pid] [-w] [pid ...]
   -f file   read input from <file> (- is stdin) instead of running
             "ps -axwwo user,pid,ppid,pgid,command"
   -g n      use graphics chars for tree. n=1: IBM-850, n=2: VT100, n=3: UTF-8
   -l n      print tree to n level deep
   -u user   show only branches containing processes of <user>
   -U        don't show branches containing only root processes
   -s string show only branches containing process with <string> in commandline
   -p pid    show only branches containing process <pid>
   -w        wide output, not truncated to window width
   pid ...   process ids to start from, default is 1 (init)
             use 0 to also show kernel processes
Process group leaders are marked with '='.

-s string, -p pid で親子関係の起点を変更できる。

% pstree -s Terminal